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Logan : Jay and the others awesometastic freestylers. Yay, it's time to get together! But first i need to find my WA. Probably lost it all :D
sKJayXnlF : Ps, great to see some familiar names. It brings back a lot of great memories. We must organise a reunion.
sKJayXnlF : Hey Freestylers! Just a quick drop by, I've not played in forever.. Perhaps one day I'll see the inside of AG again. Hope everyone is well in life. Stay frosty
TOMT : That music doesn't really work tho
impo : boy oh boy
RopeClash : Check out rope race for mobile [link]
ExZo : you do not know how to contact KuarK, JayX or Thor
NoobRoper : Hi anybody here?
ScaredEwo : Monthly update #1. I have been stuck here at AG for a month now and I can't seem to find a way out. Not sure if I even want to. Hmm..for now I should try to communicate with these weird creatures here
Triad : Hey guys! I would like to ask for a tryout too. We can arrange a time to play some games. You can also contact me in TUS .Peace.
ScaredEwo : Yo! Still playing somedays. Would play more if i could see more of you guys at AG. *wink wink*
Mecreant : Back in the game!
ExZo : mda....
ExZo : but do they play ????
ExZo : I played long ago with JayX when I joined the clan sk. cya
snisko : hi exzo, u have to play with an ambassador, u still have my vote. cya
ExZo : Hi All! How can I get to join in the community nlf ?
eNFoRcER : Sup guys? been gone for a couple of years now. Just wondering if you guys are still roping the shite out of each other..? Peace!
pilau : Hi guys, I am an old-timer from 2001-2006 returning to W:A. Would like to improve my roping and join this impressive and fun club. Holler back!
Alien : what's up :)
bazz : I am looking for active community or mentor pls hit me up bazz@bazz1 dot com, i also am bazzy on IRC freenode, bazz on EFnet and ESPER. :D Let's freestyle! xD
bazz : It's Feb 2018 and WA rope style is still alive
bazz : Sup nlF!
StatiK : hey fellaz, sup Kuark and Loggi
FlatOut : What's up guys!
Logan : Any newest version of snoop? I forgot how to enter worms oh my :D
NettuziM : yeah, could be nice! :D
xKuarKx : Hell yeah ! :)
Thor : we should all meet one of these days, could be fun
Thor : i'm actually wondering if any of you have been playing since the very first one in 1995, ahah. Did anybody start in the 90s among us?